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Whether you’re just starting out or it’s been a while since you started our business and it needs a refresh, brand photography will help your business stand out online (and in person!).  Creating great photos for your business might sound easy, but when it comes to planning and executing photoshoots and brand photography sessions, it […]

XO Jasmine | Blog Photoshoot Ideas Jasmine and I met in early 2019 at a Super Bowl event for a popular hotel brand. I was hired essentially as a staff photographer for the influencer event, and Jasmine was one of the influencers hired to promote the event. We hit it off and worked well together, […]

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My 12 Favorite Atlanta Photoshoot Locations It’s easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed when trying to find photography locations in Atlanta and around the city. I’ve been on the prowl for good (free) outdoor photography spots since I first started shooting in 2015 and I still find myself struggling to be inspired. As I started […]

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Earlier this week I shared a few tips for creating your own content without hiring a professional photographer. Today I’m going to go a little deeper and share some insight behind my basic camera settings to help you get a handle on shooting in manual. You’ll have better control and overall better images if you […]

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It’s April of 2020 and you find yourself struggling to create new content without your go-to photographer. You’re suddenly faced with the challenge of having to DIY photography for your brand. If you’re anything like me, you like to outsource to lighten your load and focus on what you really love. But now, that’s not […]






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