Atlanta Photoshoot Locations: The Ultimate Guide

Sep 10

My 12 Favorite Atlanta Photoshoot Locations

It’s easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed when trying to find photography locations in Atlanta and around the city. I’ve been on the prowl for good (free) outdoor photography spots since I first started shooting in 2015 and I still find myself struggling to be inspired. As I started working with influencers, it became essential to find good Atlanta photoshoot locations to use so my clients had variety in their content. Each spot has certain things to know before planning a shoot, so save this post as a resource when you’re hunting for a new place.

Where to go and what to know

  1. Downtown – Fairlie Poplar District

    • Downtown is perfect if you’re looking for an urban, street-style setting. The large buildings provide a decent amount of shade, and you have a good mix of dark and light backgrounds. I recommend coming here either in the morning for the best light, or on the weekend for minimal cars and traffic. Street parking is first come, first served, and you can pay via meter or the ParkMobile app.

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  2. Westside Provisions

    • Westside Provisions is probably my most used of all the Atlanta photoshoot locations, maybe because it’s close to my house but definitely because it’s just a great place to shoot. There are so many different places on either side of the bridge that goes over the railroad tracks. My personal favorite is right in front of Serena and Lily, but the possibilities are endless. I recommend parking (for free) in front of Jeni’s to shoot here because it’s closer than parking in the deck on the other side. No video is allowed here, so keep that in mind. atlanta photoshoot locations blogger  atlanta photoshoot locations blogger
  3. Ponce City Market

    • Ponce City Market is tricky because the photography rules seem to change every time I’m there. Most recently, I was told photography is allowed, but you can’t show any storefronts straight on. The market connects to the Beltline which is another popular spot for photos. I recommend shooting here in the morning before 10am because that’s when most of the stores open and it starts to fill up with people. There is some free parking but prepare to pay if you come in the afternoon. atlanta photoshoot locations blogger
  4. Summerhill/Georgia Ave

    • Summerhill is a cute little neighborhood near the former Turner Field. This neighborhood has been developing rapidly over the past two years and it just keeps getting better. Shooting along Georgia Ave and outside of Little Tart is best early in the morning or in the afternoon after the sun isn’t so harsh. There’s not a lot of open shade, so you have to work around that. Parking is easy (street and gravel lot) and it’s usually not too crowded. atlanta photoshoot locations blogger
  5. Marietta Street

    • Marietta Street connects West Midtown with Downtown along the railroad tracks. About a mile north of Downtown, you’ll find a strip of brightly colored buildings that are perfect for a fashion-forward or colorful shoot. The sun rises facing them, so if you’re looking for a shady spot, this might not be the move unless you come in the afternoon. I love shooting in harsh light, so 11am was a perfect time to get some direct sun. Parking is available on the street, but keep an eye out for driveways.atlanta photoshoot locations
  6. The High Museum

    • The front of the High Museum is nice and bright with interesting lines. It’s great if you want your subjects to pop. There are some rules to where you can and can’t shoot, but the good spots are accessible and allowed. I haven’t shot here in the morning, but early afternoon and evening works well. Parking is first come, first served on the street with a meter or Parkmobile.atlanta photoshoot locations blogger high museumatlanta photoshoot locations blogger high museum atlanta photoshoot locations blogger high museum
  7. The Avalon

    • If you’re looking for something a little bit out of the city, the Avalon in Alpharetta is a great photoshoot location. They have a few free parking lots and some paid street parking. The Avalon has a variety of different storefronts with different colors so you can mix up the backgrounds easily. I prefer to shoot here before the shops open at 10am. Any later and it’s either too bright, too busy, or security will stop you and make you fill out a media form. 8am is the sweet spot for this location.atlanta photoshoot locations blogger avalon atlanta photoshoot locations blogger avalon atlanta photoshoot locations blogger avalon atlanta photoshoot locations blogger avalon
  8. Alpharetta City Center

    • Alpharetta City Center is close to the Avalon but a little less busy. It’s got a lot of nice neutral spots as well as some greenery depending on the vibe you’re going for. A personal favorite of mine is to the side of Lapier. This is another place that is best in the morning to avoid bright sun and people. Parking is available on the street and around the shopping area.atlanta photoshoot locations blogger atlanta photoshoot locations blogger
  9. Inman Park

    • Inman Park has a lot to offer, from Krog Street Market, to Beltline, to the shops and restaurants around the intersection of North Highland and Elizabeth St. You can hit a lot of these places at any point in the day. Weekdays are ideal for this neighborhood because it can get busy on the weekends, especially if the weather is nice. There are lots scattered around and street parking is available in certain areas as well.atlanta photoshoot locations atlanta photoshoot locations blogger atlanta photoshoot locations krog street atlanta photoshoot locations atlanta photoshoot locations blogger
  10. Piedmont Park

    • The classic Atlanta spot. I don’t recommend this for fashion/beauty photography because the environment just doesn’t work, but if you’re looking for a place for an engagement session, senior session, or family session, this is a good place to start. I prefer to shoot here in the morning so the sun doesn’t wash out the skyline (it sets behind the buildings so it’s hard to see in the evening). You can park on the side streets or for a small fee in the parking deck next to the Botanical Gardens off Monroe. Bring shoes to walk in.atlanta photoshoot locations blogger fitness piedmont park atlanta photoshoot locations blogger fitness piedmont park
  11. Vinings Jubilee

    • Vinings Jubilee is cute little shopping center in, you guessed it, Vinings. It’s got a good bit of southern charm and isn’t too industrial if you’re looking for more classic scenery. My favorite building is the blue one with the Nantucket-style siding. I’m also a big fan of Read Shop, the cutest bookstore/coffee shop in Vinings. Their seasonal lattes are to die for, and the bistro tables outside are super cute. I’ve shot here in the morning and in the afternoon, and I slightly preferred the light in the afternoon, but I think you can make it work at any time based on how the buildings are spread out. Parking is free and easy.
  12. East Andrews

    • East Andrews is more of a last-resort spot that I don’t hit often, but is great in a pinch. I’ve ended up here after security kicked me out of the Buckhead Shops (not included on this list because security is SO hit or miss). The inner courtyard is cute with some pops of pink and the Spanish-looking fountain. There are a few exterior spots that work too, depending on the time of day. Both morning and afternoon are fine here, just try to avoid right at noon when the sun could be directly overhead. Park near Henri’s for easiest access.atlanta photoshoot locations east andrews blogger atlanta photoshoot locations east andrews blogger

Needless to say, there are so many great Atlanta photoshoot locations – these are just a few. I’ll also be sharing a list of indoor and paid locations for when you’re working with clients that have a bigger budget. Let me know if I missed any of your favorites! To see more of my work, check out my portfolio here.

  1. […] I wanted to add that my photographer Hannah Lozano-Agnone was AMAZING and traveled around with me for hours to get these shots! If you’re coming to Atlanta and want to shoot at one (or more) of these places, check out her website (here) to book a session with her! She’s absolutely fantastic to work with and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. She also has a post about some other Atlanta photo spots she shoots at frequently (here)! […]

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