Stock Images: Why We Love Them

Apr 30

If you haven’t seen yet, we just launched Shop Hannah Lozano, our hub for photography and design tools for creative entrepreneurs. One of our very first products is a collection of minimalist office stock images. Here, we’ve got just a few of the benefits of using stock images mixed in with your own original content.


Use our stock images for your evergreen content.

office stock image

While seasonal content is always a good idea, it’s also a good idea to create evergreen content, or content you can use all year round. OurĀ images are perfect for pairing with more generic messaging that doesn’t necessarily require it’s own photoshoot. They’re professional quality and don’t look like your traditional cheesy stock images, so your content will still look like you!


Our stock images are customizable.

We designed these images with plenty of white and negative space that you can use to add your own text and logos. This is perfect for announcement posts, ads, Pinterest graphics, you name it. They also make great banner images for any website.


They are low effort for a high end look.

stock image coffee cup lavender lap top

It’s no secret that constantly coming up with new content ideas is hard, and imagery is even harder. With our collection, you can focus on the messaging without having to worry about scheduling a photoshoot. Our images are ready to go as soon as you are.


Our images are high resolution.

desk laptop flowers

When you purchase our collection of 30 images, you’re getting the high res version of each. This is ideal for printing and large scale products. You can optimize them for web as well.


We are so excited to finally share these images with you. Our mission is to help content creators everywhere by making it easier to produce good, high quality, and consistent content. Be sure to check out our Lightroom Presets and other brand new Shop Hannah Lozano products.


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